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Sonya  Ketchersid
Data Manager

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Data Manager/ Registrar

Enrollment Requirements:

- Parent Picture ID

- Student Birth Certificate

- Current Electric, Water or Gas bill in Parent name. If neither of these bills are in the parent name, the individual that has their name on these bills will need to bring a Drivers Licence, Current electric, water or gas bill and fill out a residency affidavit that will have to be notarized.

-Current Immunizations

- North Carolina Health Assessment

- Any Court Documentation (if applicable)

* If student is coming from a another school, we will need a copy of the current report card, previous school name, address, telephone and fax number.

** If student has never attended school in North Carolina, the student will have to have a new Health Assessment done on the North Carolina Health Assessment form.


 Attendance Policy:




1. Students with more than 20 absences (10 within the first ninety days and 10 within the last ninety days) in a school year shall not be promoted to the next grade except by determination of the principal/designee upon careful review of the student’s records. 


2. When total absences (lawful and unlawful) exceed 10 days per semester, further documentation will be required (doctor’s statement, court documentation, etc.). 


3. Make up work shall be assigned by the student’s teacher as deemed appropriate. All make up work shall be completed within a reasonable amount of time as determined by the child’s teacher. 


4. Schools shall offer incentives to provide recognition of perfect attendance.


 5. Students are expected to be in attendance to and participate in instruction throughout the school day. Excessive tardies and early checkouts will be referred to the appropriate authorities and may also be considered by the principal when making a promotion determination.